Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Cupcakes

The Cupcake craze is alive and well. It is so versatile it is insane. The style, colour and finish can suit your every need. It also makes for a great gift idea for your guests. This 7tier Cupcake stand makes for a great wow factor on your wedding day. I ordered it in especially to cater for the cupcake wedding cake. 6tiers of cupcakes with a traditional cake if desired on top, so keeping in tradition with the old and the new. The stand costs nothing to hire, a deposit is taken and fully refunded on return of stand once your wedding cake order is placed with us.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Simple Elegance
This cake was an interesting one. It was baked by the Brides aunty but they needed someone to ice it. This is not something i do but it was a favour. I only ice my own cakes, i steer away from finishing a job but always in life allowances need to be made. The specifications were beautiful, the colour cream. Thankfully i had ordered in these wonderful cream roses from Cooks Haven the week previous for another order i was working on so i had enough for this cake. As with everything it came together itself.

The Cupcake Wedding Cake
Seven Tiers of pure indulgence! This wedding cake was alot of fun to bake, decorate and put together. The Bride was lovely and relaxed, she had a colour theme and that was all the specifications i needed. Vanilla vanilla cupcakes topped with delicate pink roses and individually wrapped with ribbons. Pink, purple and cream were the 3colours i had to incorporate into this spectacular creation. I also created some mini cupcakes in pink cases just to add a little extra to the overall look. The top tier was a white chocolate mud cake with a white chocolate frosting and traditional with icing. What a cake!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

24 Cupcakes in one cake!
This giant cupcake is a fantastic birthday cake alternative. It is huge, and absolutley dangerously divine. I can make it in every flavour and can be decorated in so many fun ways.

Carrot cake cupcakes, moist nutty and absolutely delicious with a cream cheese frosting.
These cupcakes go down an absolute treat, not only are they fab to look at, they actually taste fantastic, if i do say so myself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The most versatile and amazing little cake in the world- THE CUPCAKE.
We celebrate cupcakes EVERY SATURDAY at The Two Dames in Kilkenny.
I love making these truly devine and mouth watering Cupcakes because they are so versatile. They can be decorated for any and every occasion. I made 'L' plate cupcakes for my now sister-in-law for her hen night, a little treat and gift for all the ladies to take home. I made Bunny rabbits for Easter, i made black and amber cupcakes last year for Kilkenny during The All-Ireland Hurling Championships, which we won! My imagination is endless, who knows what i will have on this weeks cupcakes! I make them for weddings, i have a new 7tier wedding cupcake stand, now that is serious hard work but the end results are amazing, there is so much you can do especially if working on a large budget! Cupcakes are for everyone and make a fantastic gift and treat for family and friends.

Light, Fresh, Gluten-free and fantastic for sharing.

The Amazing Roulade. It is so versatile and works fantastic at a dinner party. After a heavy meal this is the best dessert. It is so light and the fresh fruits are packed with flavour that you feel good even if you return for seconds!
Happy Birthday to us!

We couldnt possibly celebrate turning two on our own so i decided to dedicate our cake of the day to the special occasion, I have more fun baking and decorating these cakes, i find it hard to cut them. It had to be a pink and red combo, two of my favourite colours, i just hope my customers enjoyed eating it as much as i did making it!

My Nieces Christening cake took a long time to prepare, crystalised handmade rose petals, all the decorations came from an american company courtesy of my friend who runs an amazing kitchenware store, 'Cooks Haven' Kieran Street Kilkenny. There are baby pegs, baby talk love heart sweets, a sleeping baby, a rocking horse and 3tiers of delicious vanilla fudge.
The Angel herself, Keeva. She is eager to take after her aunty in the kitchen as Junior Chef!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to start on this cake , too good to cut but too good not to cut!!! It's a dilemma. Vanilla fudge cake is terrific for every occasion, it stays fresh for 3/4 days, it freezes well, it is an absolute winner.


This wedding cake i made for a family friend, it was serious work but worth it. Chocolate biscuit cake wrapped in the smoothest white chocolate, drippping in the tastiest strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Three tiers of chocolate biscuit, each one covered in a dark chocoate ganache, then coated 3times in white chocolate. Pure indulgence, every chocolate lovers wildest dream.

This is truly death by chocolate. It is insanely intense, an absolute treat at any time of the day or night. Depending on your mood it will fulfill any want!

PISTACHIO, ROSEWATER, & LIME CAKE with fresh berries.
This cake i made especially for my mam on mothers day.
It is made using irish natural yogurt and has a sweet lime crust. So light, perfect after a Sunday Lunch. I served it with natural yogurt and honey.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ST. PATRICKS DAY CUPCAKES, green, white and gold dust.

St. Patricks Day Cupcakes, green, white and gold dust. These cupcakes rocked, i love themeing my cupcakes, it makes it all very exciting, next is Easter, i may put my thinking cap on now! These were so much to fun to make, it took a full week of racking my brains how to create my paddys day cupcakes, on the last hour it dawned on me, and these are the delicious finished product.


This cake was so much fun to bake, the ideas for the cake kept flowing. It was my friends 30th birthday so instead of buying her a gift i said i would bake her a cake instead. It was a 2tier chocolate fudge cake, i didnt want to make one large cake so thats why i chose to make two smaller cakes in a tiered effect. The pink roses just set it off and brought it all together. It was girlie and CHOCOLATE, fantastic combination. I love making cakes for friends but i tend to get very shy about it too.