Thursday, May 14, 2009


The most versatile and amazing little cake in the world- THE CUPCAKE.
We celebrate cupcakes EVERY SATURDAY at The Two Dames in Kilkenny.
I love making these truly devine and mouth watering Cupcakes because they are so versatile. They can be decorated for any and every occasion. I made 'L' plate cupcakes for my now sister-in-law for her hen night, a little treat and gift for all the ladies to take home. I made Bunny rabbits for Easter, i made black and amber cupcakes last year for Kilkenny during The All-Ireland Hurling Championships, which we won! My imagination is endless, who knows what i will have on this weeks cupcakes! I make them for weddings, i have a new 7tier wedding cupcake stand, now that is serious hard work but the end results are amazing, there is so much you can do especially if working on a large budget! Cupcakes are for everyone and make a fantastic gift and treat for family and friends.

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