Thursday, May 14, 2009


The most versatile and amazing little cake in the world- THE CUPCAKE.
We celebrate cupcakes EVERY SATURDAY at The Two Dames in Kilkenny.
I love making these truly devine and mouth watering Cupcakes because they are so versatile. They can be decorated for any and every occasion. I made 'L' plate cupcakes for my now sister-in-law for her hen night, a little treat and gift for all the ladies to take home. I made Bunny rabbits for Easter, i made black and amber cupcakes last year for Kilkenny during The All-Ireland Hurling Championships, which we won! My imagination is endless, who knows what i will have on this weeks cupcakes! I make them for weddings, i have a new 7tier wedding cupcake stand, now that is serious hard work but the end results are amazing, there is so much you can do especially if working on a large budget! Cupcakes are for everyone and make a fantastic gift and treat for family and friends.

Light, Fresh, Gluten-free and fantastic for sharing.

The Amazing Roulade. It is so versatile and works fantastic at a dinner party. After a heavy meal this is the best dessert. It is so light and the fresh fruits are packed with flavour that you feel good even if you return for seconds!
Happy Birthday to us!

We couldnt possibly celebrate turning two on our own so i decided to dedicate our cake of the day to the special occasion, I have more fun baking and decorating these cakes, i find it hard to cut them. It had to be a pink and red combo, two of my favourite colours, i just hope my customers enjoyed eating it as much as i did making it!

My Nieces Christening cake took a long time to prepare, crystalised handmade rose petals, all the decorations came from an american company courtesy of my friend who runs an amazing kitchenware store, 'Cooks Haven' Kieran Street Kilkenny. There are baby pegs, baby talk love heart sweets, a sleeping baby, a rocking horse and 3tiers of delicious vanilla fudge.
The Angel herself, Keeva. She is eager to take after her aunty in the kitchen as Junior Chef!